Since 1979, Energetic Landscaping, Inc has been creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes in Berkshire County and the surrounding areas including New York, southern Vermont and northern Connecticut. Having been in the industry for over thirty years we have gained and immense knowledge of local needs and conditions which are present in our area. Combining this knowledge with you tastes and desires allows us the ability to create a beautiful and functional landscape for you and your guests to enjoy for a lifetime!


Thank you for taking your time to view our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Whether the job is the first time landscaping around your new home or maybe a new construction site we are ready to help. With so many years of experience we will combine our
attention to detail and our reputation for quality and carry this throughout the entire process from design, construction and maintenance. Our services do not end when the job is completed. We also offer a complete maintenance program to keep your landscape looking great at all times.

When we evaluate the property we take special consideration for safety because it is a very important component of the overall design. We bring beauty, safety and security to your home and landscape. When designing the lighting plan we as the professionals take into consideration that we want you and your guests to be able to move about your property in safety after dark.

Landscape Plantings:
Is your landscape to die for during the day? Well, why hide it at night? With landscape lighting we will make your landscape come to life at night. Why miss out on the beauty of your landscape once it becomes dark? Do you have a nice patio or garden area that would also be equally enjoyable after dark?  Of course you do, but you never thought of it that way. Let us highlight your plantings and specimen plants. We can also create interesting shadows and silhouettes. We treat your property like a blank canvass and paint a beautiful picture with light.
We look your home and determine what we want to accent. What special points areas are there that we can focus on? Is there a way to improve with special construction techniques like wood or masonry? Highlight the gables, focus special attention to the peaks. Do you have a special entranceway or maybe a great brick or stone chimney/fireplace which is just so spectacular that you would like to show it all the time? We can do that.